Whin Yeats Farm

We are Tom and Clare Noblet and with our four children (Beth, Lucy, Jessica and Thomas), farm in partnership with Max & Jenny Burrow at Whin Yeats Farm, Hutton Roof. Whin Yeats backs onto Farleton Knott in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and we milk around 80 pedigree Holstein Friesian cows, which graze on our meadows throughout the summer.

Falling milk prices in late 2014 prompted us to look at ways to ensure the future sustainability of our family farm and cheese making has emerged as a way of adding value to the great milk we are proud to produce.

Our cheese is made in our new dairy, right next to the milking parlour on the farm so our milk will be piped straight into the dairy from the cows – natural, creamy and a very low carbon footprint!

Whin Yeats Cheese

Using unpasteurised milk from our own herd of pedigree Holstein Friesian cows means that we have full traceability of the milk and can be sure of both its quality and safety. The milk we use for our cheese comes through a pipe, directly from the cows in the milking parlour into our vat, meaning that it is as fresh as it possibly can be, and has not been stored or transported. We start the cheese making process straight away, making use of the fact that the milk is already warm!

Using traditional recipes, adapted as we have gone along in the farmhouse kitchen, our cheeses are made by hand, on farm in small batches.¬†As a new dairy, we’re refining our recipes all the time – the hard part is waiting for each batch to reach maturity to find out whether the changes we’ve made have worked!

We’re currently making two types of cheese. Both are unpasteurised, pressed and cloth bound but differ in the make process – the starter culture used and the times and temperatures achieved whilst making.