Always fresh pre packed sandwich suppliers

Unlike many other pre packed convenience items, our products are all locally made which means they have not travelled the country before they reach our local shops.

How fresh is your food?

Many mass produced items are delivered from the production site, to a storage warehouse, where they are then forwarded onto other regional distribution centres before finally being loaded onto the van that delivers it to your local store. Our products are produced, packed and labelled up on site and then delivered straight from our premises to your’s and customers around the area.

Ways we could use to keep your goods ‘fresh’

Because we work in this way, we can offer fresh items, with good use by dates. Many pre packed items are now developed with protective atmosphere packaging where items are being  ‘gas flushed’. This is where oxygen in the packaging is replaced by CO2 and nitrogen making their products have shelf lives of up to 14 days.

Other methods being used are mixing the main ingredients in a more acidic mayonnaise, which helps to stop the fillings from deteriorating and highly perishable fresh ingredients such as lettuce and tomatoes are not being used at all.

You can have convenience food that is fresh and tasty

We feel that this is not offering consumers fresh, nutritional options. We would like to try and combat this unhealthy ‘fast food’ lifestyle by saying you can have convenience food that is fresh and tasty and you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your food.

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Increase Revenue

Less Waste + Reduce Cost + Better Sales

We have a specially designed software system, which is the science behind providing the right products for your customers.

Looking for a Sale or Return Service?

Monitoring your sales closely, we can detect your most popular sales and also trends in your customers buying patterns. If you choose to select our Sale or Return Service we can tailor your items to this information, making sure we are always maximising your sales potential.

Stay stocked through high demand, get your products when you need them

Since using this system we have found that our customers have better sales, which has increased revenue and reduced waste giving better profit and customer satisfaction than their previous suppliers. The sales information we gather has also proved to be useful for our customers with shops and outlets in tourist areas to keep on top of high demand sales in busy periods and also offering a useful in sight to staff (i.e. in a change of management) for minimal disruption to service.

Offering a local service, we understand the local area and consumer needs and we are on hand to offer help and advice when you need us.

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